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The Eccentric Mr Wienholt

The Eccentric Mr Wienholt

Author: Rosamond Siemon

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From the bestselling author of The Mayne Inheritance, Arnold Wienolt – MP, lion hunter and intelligence agent – was a larger-than-life action hero whose eccentricities were legendary.

He once hired a circus tent when campaigning for parliament and offered to box all-comers in the ring. On his first hunting expedition to Africa he recklessly pursued a wounded lion and ended up scarred for life. Schooled at Eton and on his family’s vast holdings in Queensland, Wienholt fought for Empire during the Boer War and was an early exponent of guerilla warfare. Decorated for bravery in the First World War, he died in mysterious circumstances spying behind the lines in northern Africa in 1940.

Ros Siemon’s engrossing tale must be read to be believed.
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