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The Passenger
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The Passenger

Author: Laurie Duggan

One of the most versatile, politically aware and entertaining poets in Australia.
- Judges Report, ALS Gold Medal

The Passenger is a collection of poems that shows Duggan’s continued interest in place and a marked tendency to memorialise; that is, a continued interest in ways of rendering the world and the world of experience as both present and as fragile.

‘Duggan’s technical and emotional range, his grasp of history and ability to let the record stand - all take on a richness and freshness rare in local poetry.’
- Carl Harrison-Ford, Sydney Morning Herald

Laurie Duggan was the 2003 winner of The Age Poetry Book of the Year award for Mangroves.
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Laurie Duggan

From poems reflecting on the poetry 'scene' to the laconic translations of Martial, Duggan's wit is refreshing, irreverent and - in its parodic form - ruthless. His sense of shape and editorial skill ...