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Nine Parts Water

Nine Parts Water

Author: Emma Hardman

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A story about growing up in a small town that is getting bigger, and a large world that is getting smaller.

In the Eighties, Cal Brodie was the next best thing in women’s surfing. Now she just wants to be left alone. When she returns to her childhood home in Tungalla Bay to put her past to rest, Cal finds the events surrounding her mother’s death twenty years ago still reverberating through the town, and is confronted with some difficult truths.

But ultimately it is the people of this small coastal town who help Cal reconcile her mother’s controversial legacy and open her eyes to a different future. There’s Hassan, a young man from Afghanistan on the run from immigration, who is looking for shelter. And Nina, the wayward teenage daughter of an old friend, who, like Cal, sees salvation in surfing.

But Tungalla Bay is not the idyllic sanctuary that everyone hopes it will be. Nine Parts Water is a timely and uncompromising examination of what it means to be Australian and who has the right to call it home.