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Batty Business
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Batty Business

Author: Toni Risson

Forced to find themselves a new secret hideout, Luke, Alex and Kevin head to an old mineshaft, only to discover it's already inhabited by a mysterious - and smelly - giant bat.

With everyone in school looking to find the bat first, the boys must use all their skills to save the creature, and keep it and their secret safe from the destructive Jason and his gang.

From the author of Licking Lizards comes the second book in this kids' own adventure series where the stench of bat poo is never far away!
Licking Lizards
Licking Lizards
Toni Risson

Something strange is happening down at the river… When Luke and Alex’s discover a creepy man catching purple licking lizards from the river in the middle of the night, they think it’s a bit weird. B ...