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Larrikins: A History
Larrikins: A Histo...
Melissa Bellanta

Larrikins: A History swerves through the streets of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, offering a glimpse into the lives of Australia’s first larrikins, including bare knuckle-fighting, football-barracki ...

Tax Havens
Tax Havens
Anthony van Fosse...

Tax Havens and Sovereignty in the Pacific Islands surveys the timely, important and controversial topic of Pacific Islands tax havens – havens currently holding hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Censor
The Censor's Libra...
Nicole Moore

Combining scholarship with the narrative tension of a thriller, Nicole Moore exposes the secret history of censorship in Australia ... what we couldn’t read, didn’t know, and why!

God's Gentlemen
David Hilliard

David Hilliard’s God’s Gentlemen, originally published in 1978, remains the only detached and detailed historical analysis of the work of the Melanesian Mission. Starting with its New Zealand beginnin ...

Workers in Bondage
Workers in Bondage
Kay Saunders

Workers in Bondage is primarily concerned with Queensland’s Pacific Islander labour force, but it begins with the origins of servitude in Queensland during the convict era before separation from New S ...

The Samoan Tangle
The Samoan Tangle
Paul Kennedy

When Hugh Laracy reviewed this book in The Journal of Pacific History in 1978 he rightly described it as the ‘product of monumental research’. Exploring the diplomatic negotiations that led to the di ...

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Don Woolford

Published in 1976, Papua New Guinea was the first book to interpret the main events leading to Papua New Guinea’s independence. The 1960s and 1970s in Papua New Guinea were a time of ferment and gre ...

Race and Politics in Fiji
Race and Politics ...
Robert Norton

Robert Norton’s Race and Politics in Fiji, first published in 1977, drew upon the author’s fieldwork in Fiji to develop the first serious and sustained study of politics in Fiji. An exercise in poli ...

Peace-making and the Imagination: Papua New Guinea Perspectives
Peace-making and t...
Andrew Strathern
Pamela Stewart

Peace-making and the Imagination explores the balance between revenge and compensation in the peace-making process.

Managing Modernity in the Western Pacific
Managing Modernity...
Mary Patterson
Martha Macintyre

Managing modernity in the Western Pacific takes a broad sweep through contemporary topics in Melanesian anthropology and ethnography. With nuanced and rigorous scholarship, it views contemporary debat ...

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