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Two Greeks
Two Greeks
John Charalambous

Ten-year-old Andy figures all fathers must be part ogre, part child, part Zeus – or maybe just all Greek fathers? His peculiar little family is on the brink of collapse.

I Am Max Lamm
I Am Max Lamm
Raphael Brous

Max Lamm, a young Australian tennis player, arrives in London to escape the internet sex scandal that has destroyed his burgeoning career. Then one night he accidentally kills a fifteen-year-old Paki ...

The Boundary
The Boundary
Nicole Watson

Winner of the 2009 David Unaipon Award. Hours after rejecting the Corrowa People’s native title claim on Brisbane’s Meston Park, Justice Bruce Brosnan is brutally murdered in his home. Days later, la ...

The China Garden (B format edition)
The China Garden (...
Kristina Olsson

As the lives of three small-town women collide, what is buried can no longer remain hidden. A captivating story about betrayal and its echoes across generations.

Just a Girl
Just a Girl
Jane Caro

Determined, passionate and headstrong, Elizabeth I shaped the destiny of a kingdom. When she became queen she was still just a girl but she had already lived a lifetime.

The Sparrows of Edward Street
The Sparrows of Ed...
Elizabeth Stead

In 'The Sparrows of Edward Street', acclaimed author Elizabeth Stead uses her clear eye and sharp wit to recreate a little-known corner of Australian post-war history.

Jennifer Mills

There can be no straight road home. A young man is released from a Sydney prison, his hands empty, his identity gone. He hasn’t been home for ̀fifteen years. Chilling, haunting, suspenseful, Gone is a ...

Somebody To Love
Somebody To Love
Steve Holden

A provocative novel about love and death and the narrow line between them. Over one weekend in a small Tasmanian town, a transexual mortician prepares three bodies for burial at a funeral home. As s ...

Big River, Little Fish
Big River, Little ...
Belinda Jeffrey

From the moment Tom Downs was born backwards - the moment of his mother's death - time has held him the wrong way round, like he's caught inside a fractured story. But the thing about Tom's town flo ...

Errol, Fidel And The Cuban Rebel Girls
Errol, Fidel And T...
Boyd Anderson

Based on true events, Errol, Fidel and the Cuban Rebel Girls recreates one of the 20th century’s great untold stories. Cuba, 1959: In the final year of his life, Errol Flynn found time for one last a ...

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