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Tracey Binns Is Lost
Tracey Binns Is Lo...
Sherryl Clark

Tracey Binns is lost and the last people she wants to be stuck with are Justin Zit-Face and her annoying teacher, Mr Gunning. Facing the pitch dark and the strange calls of the wild is not Tracey's i ...

Snowidea: Adventures Of Danny 3
Snowidea: Adventur...
Pat Flynn

Fighting dangerous animals and fitting in with his family was hard enough at home. Now Danny's stuck in a strange new country, with a strange new species - girls! Danny feels like the odd one out - he ...

The Adventures Of A Late-Night Swearer
The Adventures Of ...
Nette Hilton

Speedy Simpson is the absolute best at everything. He might even have stayed the best if it wasn't for Bebe LaMouche. She had a special talent with words that was going to take some beating. Speedy se ...

Rhyming Boy
Rhyming Boy
Steven Herrick

Jayden Hayden, wordsmith, a.k.a rhyming boy, doesn't have a dad - just a mum obsessed with Jayden Finch, the footballer, and an embarrassing name that gets him teased. When a school father-son day is ...

The Nargun And The Stars
The Nargun And The...
Patricia Wrightso...

Winner CBCA Book of the Year 1974 When Simon Brent's parents are killed in a car accident he is taken to live with his mother's cousins on their 5000 acre sheep station in the Hunter Valley. Simon, w ...

Batty Business
Batty Business
Toni Risson

Forced to find themselves a new secret hideout, Luke, Alex and Kevin head to an old mineshaft, only to discover it's already inhabited by a mysterious - and smelly - giant bat. From the author of Lick ...

Beeware: The Adventures Of Danny Book 1
Beeware: The Adven...
Pat Flynn

In the first of Danny's adventures he faces mean mutts, bumbling bees and mad magpies. It's a tough world out there in the Aussie outer suburbs, especially when you're squeezed between a brawny big br ...

Treeified: The Adventures Of Danny Book 2
Treeified: The Adv...
Pat Flynn

In Danny's last adventure he faced wild animals. Now he's up against something more terrifying - his family. His little sister loves stealing his stuff, his big brother pummels him in footy and his mu ...

The Tuckshop Kid
The Tuckshop Kid
Pat Flynn

Hungry? Need Lunch? Mum's packed you curried banana and pickle sandwiches again? Only got a $1.25 to your name? Then you need to see Matt, because Matt has an amazing talent...

Home To Mother
Home To Mother
Doris (Garimara) ...

The children's edition of Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

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