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July 2018

Join Sally Piper as she discusses her new novel, The Geography of Friendship.

Monday 23 July
Riverbend Books
$8, bookings required. More information can be found here.

Sally Piper drew inspiration for her second novel from her love of bushwalking as well as her interest in how women are conditioned to be cautious, to avoid trouble and to limit themselves due to real or perceived threats.

‘The Geography of Friendship is an ode to walking and nature as well as a template for how memory and place intersect. But it is also a memorandum of the power of female friendship and the importance of unity,’ says Piper. ‘In a world where women are taught to be afraid, it’s empowering to realise the strength we hold together. Lisa’s a fighter, Samantha’s a peacekeeper and Nicole’s a rule-follower – there’s a piece of each of them in all of us, and it’s my hope that readers will connect with these characters, and with themselves, and challenge our ingrained beliefs about vulnerability and culpability.’

A novel that unravels gently yet crackles with intensity, The Geography of Friendship is a story to savour.


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