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August 2018

Join Jane Caro as she launches Just Flesh & Blood at Gleebooks in Sydney.

Thursday 16th August, 6pm for 6.30pm
Gleebooks, Sydney
Bookings required.
For more information or to book, visit the Gleebooks website.

Just Flesh & Blood
concludes the critically acclaimed YA trilogy about Queen Elizabeth I.

As the unwanted daughter of an executed queen, Elizabeth endured a perilous childhood to take the throne as Queen of England. Just a girl at coronation, Elizabeth has now ruled for over four decades, withstanding political upheavals, war and plots against her life. But as she contemplates her successes and failures, she weighs up all that she has relinquished – love, marriage, family of any kind – for power.

Jane Caro is a highly regarded social commentator with a special interest in education and women’s rights. She is also an accomplished novelist, and her critically acclaimed young adult series about Elizabeth I combines meticulous research with creative flair. This stunning conclusion vividly brings the final days of one of history’s great women to life. Elizabeth’s reflections on her life and the titanic accomplishments weighed against every sacrifice make for fascinating and enlightening reading and illuminate the nature of choices that, even 500 years on, women everywhere are still forced to make.

Just Flesh & Blood is a gripping and accomplished young adult novel that, despite its historical setting, discusses the complex relationship between femininity and power that exists even today.


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