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September 2018

Join Mike McRae, author of Unwell, in-conversation with Paul Barclay at the Avid Reader bookshop.

Wednesday 19 September, 6 for 6.30pm

Avid Reader

$7.50 tickets. To book, visit the Avid Reader website.

ABC Radio National's Paul Barclay is in-conversation with author, Mike McRae discussing Unwell: What Makes a Disease a Disease?

In a world where illness seems to be everywhere, where does failing biology stop and personal responsibility begin?

Nostalgia used to be a killer nervous condition. Emotional women were once treated with a good orgasm, left-handed folk were beaten to be turned ‘right’, and rotten teeth pulled to cure the mentally unwell. Just who made these diseases ‘diseases’ anyway? And what makes us think we understand any better today?

Unwell is both an accessible popular science title that taps into the health and wellness revolution and the growing awareness of health issues such as obesity, ADHD and depression, and a fascinating and insightful exploration of the ever-changing nature of illness. Using humour, historical anecdotes, scientific research and personal stories, McRae illuminates the power of disease and medical diagnoses to define who we are and how we live.

In a time when extreme violence is blamed on poor mental health, when people suffer for want of health insurance, and research dollars depend on sharp marketing campaigns, understanding the social and cultural nature of disease is vital for our wellbeing – and the wellbeing of our community.


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