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A Prescription For Change: The Terry White Story
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A Prescription For Change: The Terry White Story

Author: Tony Koch

From Liberal parliamentary leader to Australia’s franchising guru – this is the story of Terry White.

In A Prescription for Change: The Terry White Story, veteran journalist Tony Koch colourfully charts the drive, integrity and family support that have guided White through a fascinating life in business and politics.

Growing up in a poor family, Terry White showed ambition from a young age, enrolling himself in a private school – initially without his parents’ knowledge – to receive a better education. The young pharmacy graduate endured 73 interviews before he found a pharmacist who would waive the £20 apprenticeship fee – and White has never looked back.

White bought his first pharmacy in 1958 before heading overseas – it was then while working on John F Kennedy’s presidential campaign that he got a taste of politics. White entered politics in 1979, becoming a Queensland Cabinet Minister in 1980. Concern at that time about Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s corrupt regime saw him take over and lead the Liberal party into the 1983 election.

As a businessman, White has created an incredibly successful franchise model with Terry White Chemists, which remains an invaluable model for anyone wanting to operate a franchise business.

This enthralling biography of one of Australia’s business leaders provides insight into his success while also revealing the family man behind the brand.