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Mercy, Mater & Me : Sister Angela Mary (A Memoir)
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Mercy, Mater & Me : Sister Angela Mary (A Memoir)

Author: Sister Angela Mary

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This book tells the compelling story of a young woman who became a Sister of Mercy in Ireland, trained as a teacher, then left her family and friends to travel to Australia on a troop ship.

Once she set foot ashore, she and the others who had travelled with her, began a new life with the Sisters of Mercy organization in Brisbane. To her chagrin, Sister Angela Mary was called upon to work as a nurse at Brisbane’s Mater Hospital.

From the initial shock of the new role, Sister Angela worked in the wards during the early years of growth for the Mater and, much to her surprise, ended up as Administrator of the hospital. Sister Angela remained a major player at the Mater until she retired in the early 2000s with more than a few accolades, including the Order of Australia, awarded by the Australian Government in 1993.

Here is an inspirational story for women of all generations, told in Sister’s unique voice, one full of warmth and humour. Sister is living proof that quiet determination, education and kindness go hand-in-hand on the road to success.