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It’s Not You, Geography, It’s Me
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It’s Not You, Geography, It’s Me

Author: Kristy Chambers

From the author of the bestselling Get Well Soon! My (Un)Brilliant Career as a Nurse comes a hilarious – and brutally honest – memoir about mental illness and depression.

For someone who hates exercise, Kristy Chambers is pretty good at running away, and coming back again when her credit cards are declined. She’s not so much an international jetsetter as a loose cannon with a passport. So, in the manner of Eat, Pray, Love, a privileged white girl takes her privileged white ass on the road in an attempt to find happiness. With a family history of mental illness that goes back generations and a complicated long-term relationship with depression, will eating all the pasta in Italy help her to find the silver lining she’s looking for? Of course it won’t. It’s pasta, not magic beans.

Joined by the most unreliable travel companion of them all – her mental health – Kristy goes in search of greener grass and finds that if she could only cut her head off, she would probably enjoy travel, and life, 100 per cent of the time (or 95 per cent if you include diarrhoea). Comedy ensues.
Get Well Soon! My (Un)Brilliant Career as a Nurse
Get Well Soon! My ...
Kristy Chambers

If you thought TV’s Nurse Jackie told it like it was, then Get Well Soon! is one hell of a revelation. ‘One of the most distressingly funny books I have ever read.’ Benjamin Law