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Wild Boys: A Parent
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Wild Boys: A Parent's Story of Tough Love

Author: Helena Pastor

For too long Helena, a mother of four boys, had allowed her eldest son Joey to call the shots. By the time he was seventeen, Joey had left school early and was teetering on the wrong side of the tracks. Despite Joey no longer living in the family home, Helena did his washing, cooked his meals, handed over money for his groceries, and spent her nights driving him around town with music shaking the car. With Joey on a first name basis with the local police, Helena needed to do something about his disruptive behaviour before it ripped her family apart.

Wild Boys details how Helena learned to be a better parent and reveals how we all can learn to have better relationships with our sons.The book also explores the challenge of disengaged youth from a mother’s perspective and offers an intimate insight into rarely chronicled aspects of youth work.