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The War Artist
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The War Artist

Author: Simon Cleary

WhenBrigadier James Phelan returns from Afghanistan with the body of a youngsoldier killed under his command, he is traumatised by the tragedy. Anencounter with young Sydney tattoo artist Kira leaves him with a permanenttribute to the soldier, and it is a meeting that will change the course of hislife. What he isn’t expecting on his homecoming is a campaign of retributionfrom the soldiers who blame him for the ambush and threaten his career. Withhis marriage also on the brink, his life spirals out of control.

Yearslater, Phelan is surprised when Kira re-enters his life seeking refuge from herown troubles and with a young son in tow. She finds a way to help him makepeace with his past, but she is still on the run from her own.

The War Artist is atimely and compelling novel about the legacy of war, the power of art and thepossibility of atonement.

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